North India

19th century wooden figure

This Warrior is in kneeling position wearing a belt and decorated with a Hat. Great patina all around.


Provenance: Ex New York Coll.




18th Century

Black Basalt Stone Ganesh enthroned with Attendants. (#D622)


Provenance: Ex Kapil Jariwala Gallery, London

H 3.5 x W 4


India – Rajasthan

10 - 11th Century

Red sandstone showing sensually embracing Lovers remains of white stucco paint.


Provenance: Ex Earl Stendahl – Ex Alfred Stendahl Coll. Bought in London from Spinks in 1950 – 60’s

H 17 x W 12




India – Rajasthan

10 - 11th Century

Sandstone Depicting a Royal Palace Scene.


Provenance: Ex Spinks Gallery, London, Ex Stendahl Gallery

H 10.5 x W 6



18th Century

Female Temple Dancer from a Religious Procession Cart.


Provenance: Ex Arte

H 13.5 x W 5.5