Maya, Mexico

1000 BC

Pre Classic Volcanic Stone Sculpture of a Jaguar. Depicting a Shaman in Transformation to a Jaguar. He is kneeling or sitting in presentation ready to receive mankind.


Provenance: Ex Eugene Lions Coll., Genève

H 10 x W 8



Maya, Mexico

100 - 300 AD

Volcanic Stone Sculpture of a Jaguar. Jaguar sitting in Presentation showing his Fangs in a ferocious expression. Cob of Corn emitting from its Head as a Symbol of Fertility.


Provenance: Nicolas Helmut Coll., Germany. Famous author of Mayan Art. Expertise is available

H 18 x W 6 x D 6




Mezcala - Guerrero, Mexico

Ca. 400 - 100 BC

Mezcala Figure made from a Celt (Staff of Power). Contemporary looking Mezcala Figure


Provenance: Ex German Coll.

H 6 x W 2.5