Tibet, Central Asia

Ca. 16th Century

Gilded Bronze Statue of Lama Rinpoche seated upon a low throne with his legs crossed. He holds a bottle of amrita and has his hands in the Bhumisparsa Mudra. His robes are well carved and his pose dynamic and naturalistic.


Provenance: Ex Johnson Coll. Germany
H 4 x W 2.5



Admasambhava, Tibet

18 Cent.

Large Gold Gilded Bronze of the founder of Buddhism in Tibet. He is Sitting dressed in the Elaborately Dress of a Head of a Monastery: Floral décor incised all over his Robe! He’s holding a Vajra/Dorje in his right hand and a Flask of Amrit/Divine nectar in his left. Around his neck are Jewels and he’s wearing a large Jewel incrusted Pair of Ear Ornaments On his head he wears the ceremonial Cap of a Head of a Monastery. He’s sitting in a half Lotus Seat on a Lotus Base.


Provenance: Ex Private German Coll.