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Maya, Mexico

500-600 AD

Green Stone Mask

Depicting Zlatloc the God of Rain.


Provenance: Ex Miguel Covarrubias Coll.
Collected 1940-50


$ 8500


Chontal, Mexico

350- 100 BC

Stone Mask representing a Dignitary Face.

Most likely having shell and turquoise encrusted Eyes and Mouth.


Provenance: Ex Miguel Covarrubias Coll.
Collected 1940-50


$ 5500


Mapuche, Argentinia

1500 BC

Clava showing a Face like Mask

This Clava seems to be quite Unique as it is showing a Face like Mask with open eyes and open mouth instead of a Hand Club with Bird Beak Festures.

Handle having perforated hole to be tied to wrist. Mapuche Priest wore this type of a Mask in religious rituals.


Provenance: Ex Tim Misenhimer Coll.


$ 7500


Mapuche, Argentinia

1500 BC

Ceremonial Stone Mask

Showing open Eyes and open Mouth. These types where used in Rituals.


Provenance: Ex Westermann Coll.


$ 4400


Olmec, Rio Pesquero area, Veracruz, Mexico

1200-900 BC

Archaic Terracotta Mask having open Eyes & Mouth

It's facial Expression shows a look of surprise. Heavy Mineral Deposits & Root Marks. Terracotta Masks from the Olmec Culture are extremely Rare!


Provenance: Ex Allan Stone Coll. NY


$ 7500


Jalisco, West Mexico

300 BC -300 AD

Kaolin Ceramic Mask of a Lady

Delightful Mask of a young Lady having Beautiful and Refined Features. Masks from this Region are Extremely desirable as the have a very Asian look to them.


Provenance:  Ex Ken Bauer, Ex Sotheby’s


$ 6500


Calima Culture, Malagan Style, Colombia

100 BC- 100 AD

Sun Mask having running Tears

These type of Masks are the earliest Terracotta Masks from this region! They where the work of Early Man expressing their connection to the Sun, the Tears representing the Life Renewing Rain.


Provenance: Ex Tim Misenhimer Coll
Ex Wally Zollman Coll. Indiana


$ 7500


Calima, Colombia

100 BC-100 AD

Archaic Style Terracotta Portrait Mask

Showing a ElderShaman , his facial expression showing deep reflection & authority. These type of Masks are the earliest known Masks from Colombia!


Provenance: Ex DeRoche Gallery


$ 4500


Huari Culture, Peru

700-1000 AD

Important Portrait style Wood Mask

Having stern expression covered in a red Cinnabar Lacquer. Originally having inlaid Shell Eyes, now lost.

This Mask was on loan to the DeYoung Museum for 23years!


Provenance:  Ex De Young Museum San Francisco 1971-1994


$ 7500


Wari, Peru

500 AD-900 AD

Important Portrait Style Wood Face Mask

These type of Early Wari Wood Masks are found in the Lima region. They are the most beautiful, Realistic Portrait wood Masks in Existence. Originally having inlaid Shell Eyes,now lost.

Very few Mask of this quality have been found.


Provenance: Ex Eugene Lions


$ 7500


Africa, Lualaba River region, Songye

early 20th century

An extraodadory Kifwebe Shield

Fine example with meticulously carved linear incisions. In the Center a square protruding mouth, and a linear nose set between two globular pierced eyes in form of a Mask

Nicely painted white detail to contrast with dark hardwood.  


Provenance: Ex German Coll.


$ 3500



North India

19th century wooden figure

This Warrior is in kneeling position wearing a belt and decorated with a Hat. Great patina all around.


Provenance: Ex New York Coll.





Sepik River, Papua New Guinea

19th-20th Century

Drum with Carving

Simple and sleek drum carved of single piece of hardwood, with repeating registers of zigzag bands around tapered middle, and squared handle along one side. Reptile skin playing surface is still intact. Beautiful dark brown patina with darker brown-black patina near base. Edges nicked and weathered.


Provenance: Ex. NYC collection.


$ 750